Dr. Nosonovsky’s Self-Cleaning Materials Project

Self-Cleaning Materials

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Nosonovsky, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Web: http://www4.uwm.edu/ceas/faculty_profiles/MNosonovsky.html

E-mail: nosonovs@uwm.edu

Phone: (414) 229-2816

Lab homepage:


Project Description (Self-Cleaning Materials):

The visiting researcher will work in our Surface self-organization, green and biomimetic tribology group. Tribology is the study of friction, wear, adhesion and surfaces in relative motion. Biomimetics (or bionics) is mimicking nature for engineering applications. Our goal is to design new smart materials with unusual surface properties, such as the ability for self-lubrication, self-healing, and self-cleaning. These materials can be used for energy-related and eco-friendly applications. Some of these materials mimic those in living nature (e.g., the lotus leaf, gecko foot, etc).  We model experimentally structure-property relationships in these materials and measure their surface properties (such as surface tensions, contact angles, surface roughness, etc). A particular emphasis can be on underwater self-cleaning materials, anti-icing surfaces, and new water-repellent nano-concretes.