Li-ion Batteries

Advanced Manufacturing and Design Laboratory (AMDL)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ilya Avdeev, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering



Phone: (414) 229-6949

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Project Description (Multi-Physics Modeling and Design of Li-Ion Batteries):

The Advanced Manufacturing and Design Laboratory focuses on advanced modeling techniques for solving multiphysics problems and developing methods for real-time coupled-field simulations. The RET participant will help investigate the crash safety of lithium ion batteries by studying prevailing mechanisms of thermal, electrical and structural failure as well as identifying existing design parameters and new design concepts that lead to predictable battery response to catastrophic events. Finite element implicit and explicit implementations will be validated and calibrated through experimental procedures developed by the research team. A coupled-physics numerical framework will be developed using implicit/explicit commercial finite element codes. It will allow us to investigate failure mechanisms inside battery cells as well as between the cells on the pack level.