Microbial Fuel Cell

The Environmental Biotechnology & Bioenergy Laboratory (EBBL)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jason He, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering and Mechanics

Web: http://www4.uwm.edu/ceas/faculty_profiles/ZHe.html

E-mail: zhenhe@uwm.edu

Phone: (414) 229-5846

Lab homepage:https://pantherfile.uwm.edu/zhenhe/www/index.htm


Project Description (Microbial Fuel Cell):

The Environmental Biotechnology & Bioenergy Laboratory (EBBL) at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee focuses on research and development of environmental biotechnology for water and wastewater treatment, bioenergy production using microbial fuel cells, sustainable desalination using bio-electrochemical techniques and the understanding of those and other environmental biological processes. The RET participant will be encouraged to work closely with the graduate students and postdoc in the EBBL to obtain hands-on experience in environmental engineering and biotechnology for bioenergy production. The teacher will learn to design, assemble and operate a microbial fuel cell (MFC) for treating organic contaminants and producing bioelectricity. He/she will practice basic analytic techniques to characterize the performance of the MFC.  The teacher will develop a demonstration MFC (to run a small electronic fan) for high school students and incorporate MFC knowledge and the concept of environmental sustainability into the curriculum.