Thermal Compliance

Tribology & Energy Diagnostics Laboratory (TEDL)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Emmanuel Y. A. Wornyoh, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering



Phone: (414) 229-4525

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Project Description (Thermal Compliance of Rolling Element Bearings):

The RET project will be focused on studying thermal compliance of rolling element bearings and planetary gear systems. The high mechanical loading encountered by gearboxes in many energy-producing and energy-consuming applications produces high thermal and mechanical stresses in the gear sets and rolling element bearings. If left unchecked the generated stresses induce lubricant degradation through frictional heat generation and wear. A thermal compliance experiment (TCE) will be performed to assess how in situ cooling reduces wear and frictional heat generation and improves overall performance. In addition, the heat generation and wear caused by frictional heating will be studied using atribometer with a block-on-ring experiment to simulate gear andbearing contacts.